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Sorensen Highlights Accomplishments for Central and Northwestern Illinois in 2023

Today, Congressman Eric Sorensen (IL-17) is highlighting how he and his office worked throughout 2023 to be a good neighbor to Illinoisans, ensure government works for middle-class families, and make Central and Northwestern Illinois more sustainable for the next generation. 


“This past year, we’ve made a lot of progress in creating strong, healthy, and sustainable communities for the future,” said Sorensen. “It has been my honor to serve Central and Northwestern Illinois as their trusted neighbor in Congress and I look forward to continuing to be a bipartisan voice for all Illinois families.”  


Among other things, Sorensen is highlighting the following wins for Illinois in 2023: 


Making Government Work for Illinois 


  • Resolving 818 constituent cases, helping Illinoisans with issues related to federal agencies, which include the IRS, Social Security Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, and more. 

  • Returning $810,597 to constituents and local businesses in overdue tax returns, Social Security benefits, student loans, veterans’ benefits, and more. 

  • Announcing over $353 million in tax dollars brought back in prime grant awards and over $2.7 million on grant subawards for purposes such as substance abuse treatmenthealth carelocal law enforcementeducation, and more. 


Delivering Bipartisan Results 



Being a Good Neighbor 


  • Responding to over 30,000 constituent messages—communicating with an average of nearly 81 Illinoisans each day. 

  • Hosting 729 conversations and meetings with constituents, stakeholders, and community leaders. 

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