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Mayor Schwartzman Seeking Nominations for Ward 3

Galesburg, IL Mayor Peter Schwartzman has announced that he is seeking nominations to fill the Council Member's seat of Ward 3 for the Galesburg City Council. These nominations can be emailed to him at or phoned in to the City Clerk at 309-345-3610. Nominations should be submitted no later than July 28, 2021, 4:00 p.m.

Those nominating should provide contact information (phone or email) for the nominees as well as some justification for the submission. Upon vetting the nominations, Mayor Schwartzman will submit applications to the nominees. Upon reviewing the applicants, Mayor Schwartzman will nominate one individual to the City Council for a vote. The Mayor anticipates this vote to occur no later than the August 16, 2021 Council Meeting.

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