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Hansen Announces Candidacy for Knox County Judge

Galesburg Attorney Cites His Diverse Experience and Military Background

Announcing his candidacy for Knox County Resident Judge, Galesburg attorney David Hansen pledged to be a judge committed to “fairness, justice and integrity,” values he learned in service to the nation. “It is important that judges apply the law fairly and treat everyone equally,” Hansen said. “As judge, I will treat every person who appears in court with respect and always be independent, fair and impartial, deciding every case on the facts and the law.” Hansen cites his wide-ranging legal experience as providing a unique background setting him apart from others. “In private practice, I represented clients in civil cases in both State and Federal court. As a Knox County Assistant State’s Attorney, I prosecuted the full range of cases including serious felony cases. Since 2014, I have served as Chief Public Defender for Knox County, a position to which I was appointed by the Circuit Judges of the Ninth Circuit.” He adds that, “Being a good judge, however, requires more than legal experience. It also requires a balanced understanding of the seriousness of the responsibility to make decisions that have real consequences both for the parties appearing in court and the community at large.” That’s where his military experience provides a strong foundation. Hansen enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserve in 1996 and deployed to Iraq in 2003 where he was a squad leader in his platoon. “Good judgment was essential to the success of our mission.” He and his squad members were fortunate to all return home safely to their families at the end of their tour. Hansen cited the importance of judges being able to listen to people and treat everyone with dignity and respect. “I worked my way through school in a grocery store, waiting tables in restaurants, and tending bar. These jobs taught me to work and connect with people from all walks of life.” His campaign is off to a strong start, having garnered endorsements from retired Judges Paul Mangieri and Scott Shipplett, who are serving as co-chairs of his campaign committee, Knox County Sheriff Dave Clague, Knox County State’s Attorney Jeremy Karlin, Knox County Treasurer Robin Davis, Knox County Board members David Amor, John Hunigan, and Kyle Rohweder. Hansen and his wife, Jardelyne, live in Galesburg with their three children, Grace, Jim, and Anne. He serves on the Knox County YMCA Board of Directors, the Galesburg Noon Lions Club Board of Directors, and the FC Galesburg Soccer Board of Directors. Hansen is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion. He is also a member of the Illinois State Bar Association and the Knox County Bar Association.

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