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Halpin highlights higher education laws taking effect in 2024

State Senator Mike Halpin sponsored and successfully passed two measures that will benefit students and higher education institutions in the new year.


“Throughout the year, I visited numerous colleges and universities across the state and was able to identify some problems that we could address immediately,” said Halpin (D-Rock Island). “Our higher education institutions wanted easier access to recruit in-state students, and community college students needed to be able to utilize technical education programs that their home districts do not offer. We addressed both of these this year.”


House Bill 3759 makes student directory information electronically available through a secure centralized data system for official recruiting representatives of public higher education institutions in Illinois. The measure will allow colleges and universities to reach high school students with educational and career opportunities more effectively and at a lower cost.


House Bill 2503 will give community college students access to career and technical education programs at surrounding community colleges if the student’s home district does not offer the program. Under current law, for example, a Galesburg resident enrolled at Carl Sandburg College who wants to enroll in the Highway Construction Careers Training Program (HCCTP) at Black Hawk College would have to transfer to Black Hawk and pay out-of-district tuition rates. With Halpin’s new law, the Galesburg student will now be considered a member of the Black Hawk College district for the HCCTP, allowing them to pay in-district tuition rates while still being enrolled at Carl Sandburg for other courses.


“Our state has a bright future and so many kids who want to learn and stay in Illinois for school,” said Halpin. “It’s important that we provide them the opportunities to do just that.”


Both laws took effect on Jan. 1.

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