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Galesburg City Council Candidacy Announcement

Published November 24, 2022 in The Burg

I love Galesburg and believe it has a bright future. Our city is full of enormous possibilities for growth and advancement. Having lived here all of my life, I know that the people of this community care and take great pride in living in this city. I want to do everything that I can as a member of the city council to provide ALL of our citizens with the best services and best opportunities. It would be my honor to serve our seniors, our youth, our working class, families and our businesses. Everyone is important in this community and as the city council, we should listen, truly listen, to your concerns and your ideas and do this by treating you with respect and dignity. You and I want good streets, safe neighborhoods, things to do and good paying jobs, among many other things.

Working with all people and hearing their thoughts on the issues that affect them is absolutely a thing that I believe in. With that said, it is a must that we also seek to create partnerships with our schools, our county, our businesses and economic groups and with any group that will help make our city better. I am a positive, optimistic and forward-thinking person. Helping make things happen is a philosophy that I try to live by.

Negativity and finding reasons to avoid doing things is unacceptable. Finally, you can count on me to use your tax dollars wisely and make them work in the best way possible.

It would be my honor and privilege serving you as a member of our City Council. Today, I announce my candidacy for the Galesburg City Council Ward 7 position. You can have confidence that I will work hard for you and I will always have your best interests at hand when serving and representing you. Thank you!

Steve Cheesman

Candidate for Galesburg City Council, Ward 7

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