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Gale Scholars Class of 2025 Announced

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

The Gale Scholars Program is pleased to announce the induction of its newest class, the Gale Scholars Class of 2025. Because of pandemic protocols, we were unable to hold our customary induction ceremony for this class, nor were we able to hold an induction ceremony (for the same reasons) for last year's new inductees, the Gale Scholars Class of 2024 (we did announce these students after last year's selection process). However, we do feel it is important to mark this momentous milestone with some kind of recognition. As a result, the Gale Scholars Steering Committee decided to honor these deserving students with a virtual ceremony. The ceremony is being called the 2021 Gale Scholars Introduction Ceremony. You will be able to meet these students virtually via the Galesburg School District YouTube Channel.

This is the link to watch the ceremony:

We would like to extend our thanks to Amy Pickrel, District #205 Media Specialist for her tremendous efforts in putting this video together. As with all things over this past year, perseverance and creativity were exhibited in completing this project. Additionally, the Gale Scholars Program would like to thank all those individuals that have helped in the selection process this past year. We appreciate your aid and commitment.

These two new classes were selected through a vigorous and challenging selection process. Almost 60 students applied for entrance into the program over the last two years. That says a lot, considering the obstacles and challenges that were present during the pandemic. The new inductees entered the program with a cumulative GPA of 3.40, are involved in a variety of student activities and serve their community in numerous ways by volunteering for a number of causes. Many of these students face enormous challenges and they find ways to overcome these challenges with their grit, determination and intelligence. The obstacles have been plenty over this last year and in spite of these challenges, these students have "found a way" to perform at a high level. The Gale Scholars Program is a vehicle that gives all of these kids an opportunity to achieve their dreams and experience things that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

The Gale Scholars Program is a partnership among Galesburg School District # 205, Carl Sandburg College and Knox College. It was founded in 1996 for the purpose of giving deserving Galesburg students an opportunity at a tuition free scholarship to Sandburg College and Knox College. These students must meet demanding academic standards, participate in extracurricular activities, perform community service, take a challenging academic load and enroll in four years of summer school. Eligibility for selection to the program is open to any Galesburg 8th grade junior high student. To become a Gale Scholar, a student must be a potential first generation college graduate. Criteria for eligibility is also based on income need, high academic performance and citizenship.

Here is the list of the two new Gale Scholars classes:

Gale Scholars Class of 2025

1. Martha Darber

2. Edna Guel

3. Vanessa Jackson

4. Eliana Juarez

5. Kiana Kulland

6. Alexia Miller

7. Triomphe Mulata

8. Abrianna Ohlson

9. Don Patrick, Jr.

10. Aiden Sherman

Gale Scholars Class of 2024

1. Lilliana Burns

2. Yannick Deh

3. Trinity Greer

4. Luis Hernandez

5. Tristan Hunt

6. Mattison Jackson

7. Nicolas Makwala

8. Kenny Mensah

9. Skylar Wenstrom

10. Sydney Zesch

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