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Business Spotlight: Galesburg Lumber Company

By Jeff Holt

Published April 21, 2022 in The Burg

You've probably heard the popular saying: "Choose a job that you love and you'll never work a day in your life."

That one quote is what you could probably say about Jennifer Woods, the Sales Manager at Galesburg Lumber Company.

She just loves her job and she helps take care of things like sales, the ordering, customer service and the normal day-to-day operations.

Woods took some timeout from her busy schedule to answer a couple of questions.

Q: What is a little tidbit about Galesburg Lumber Company that you feel not enough people know or realize?

WOODS: The uniqueness of this place. We have been here literally FOREVER!! There isn’t to much you can’t go digging for that you can’t find in one of the buildings. It’s almost like a treasure hunt or an adventure to go searching sometimes. I love that about this place.

Q: What do you enjoy about your job and why?

WOODS: I LOVE MY CUSTOMERS!!! The customers make this job so enjoyable, without them we would be nothing!!! I am so blessed to have amazing co-workers that I love coming to work with every day!! They have become family to me!

Q: Can you say a few words about a co-worker who might get overlooked a lot or one

who seems to add a big boost to your workplace?

WOODS: There are only 3 of us here so we do a very good job balancing it out but if I had to pick one I would say Chris (our yard guy/delivery driver). He does all the hard stuff!!! LOL!! He is the one in the rain and snow loading and unloading, delivering and keeping the yard functioning. I don’t think we tell him thank you and how grateful we are for him enough.

Q: What is your family's favorite restaurant in Galesburg and why?

WOODS: Guacamole Grill because it is the closest we can get to what our taco trucks tasted like back in California. They are so wonderful in there and always take great care of us!

Q: It sounds like you have a son who had a pretty good football career in Abingdon. Can you elaborate on that?

WOODS: I have two sons that played at Abingdon Avon High School their Junior and Senior Year. Both did very well and with their team had an amazing season this past year making it to Quarter Finals. Mikey Webb (#25) plays MLB and Christopher Woods (#04) plays OSLB. Both have had numerous academic scholarships as well as football offers to play college ball. The two of them have decided to keep the brother duo together and continue their football career at Eureka College this fall. The coaching staff has been amazing and really made them feel like Eureka would be home away from home. These boys have breathed football since the helmets and pads were bigger than they were so it makes my Momma heart happy they are getting the opportunity to continue the journey together for just a bit longer.

Q: Can you talk about what life was like for you before moving to Illinois?

WOODS: We are originally from California born and raise. A few years ago my husband took a position with the railroad as was based out of Galesburg. He lived here for about a year prior to us moving as a family. All together we have been here about 3 years. Though California is what we know every time I visited my husband we all fell in love with this place a little more every time. I can honestly say coming from a city like Los Angeles I never thought I would live in a town of 900 people with no stop light or stores but I do and we COULDN’T LOVE IT ANYMORE!!!

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

WOODS: We were not sure how we would be received moving into such a small community but I will tell you I never knew Mid-Western hospitality existed like it has been shown to us. We are so blessed to call this place home. Come by Galesburg Lumber and introduce yourself we would love to meet you and help you out with all you lumber/construction needs!!!

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