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Afghan resettlement in Monmouth

MONMOUTH, Illinois - A group of local individuals has submitted an application to sponsor an Afghan family through the U.S. State Department’s community-led resettlement initiative called the Sponsor Circle Program for Afghans ( program allows everyday Americans to take responsibility for welcoming Afghan newcomers to their communities.

An Afghan family fully vetted for security purposes by the federal government is carefully paired with a community. Professor Emeritus Tom Sienkewicz is leading the resettlement effort in Monmouth with financial support from Immaculate Conception Church members and other donors. Monetary support includes initial housing, food, medical, furniture, clothes, and miscellaneous expenses. Volunteers are invited to support the program with their time, expertise, and/or donations (either finncial or in kind).

Tax-deductible contributions for the local program can be made with a check to Immaculate Conception Church, 200 West Broadway, Monmouth, with Refugees written on the memo line. A GoFundMe account may be accessed at Please note that Immaculate Conception Church is serving as a clearinghouse for donations. This is a secular initiative, not religious.

For more information about the Afghan crisis and U.S. resettlement, the following programs are recommended. and/or

If you have any questions, contact Tom Sienkewicz at

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