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2022 Galesburg Thanksgiving Shootout- Girls Basketball

Tuesday, November 15

5:30pm Metamora vs Peoria Manual Metamora- Toepke Gym

6:30pm Washington vs Springfield Washington

6:00pm Pekin vs Chatham-Glenwood Pekin

5:30pm Richwoods FS vs Springfield SHG FS Richwoods

7:00pm Richwoods vs Springfield SHG Richwoods

5:30pm Galesburg FS vs Limestone FS Galesburg-Thiel Gym

7:00pm Galesburg vs Limestone Galesburg-Thiel Gym

Friday, November 18

7:00pm Freeport vs Galesburg Galesburg-Thiel Gym

Saturday, November 19

9:00am Freeport vs Riverdale Galesburg- Thiel Gym

Galesburg FS vs Metamora FS Galesburg- Field House

10:30am Chatham-Glenwood vs Galesburg Galesburg- Thiel Gym

Peoria Manual vs Springfield SHG Galesburg- Field House

Noon Quincy vs Metamora Galesburg- Thiel Gym

Washington FS vs Springfield FS Galesburg- Field House

1:30pm Springfield vs Freeport Galesburg- Thiel Gym

Metamora FS vs Chatham-Glenwood FS Galesburg- Field House

3:00pm Washington vs Peoria Manual Galesburg- Thiel Gym

Riverdale vs Chatham-Glenwood Galesburg- Field House

4:30pm Springfield SHG vs Quincy Galesburg- Thiel Gym

Springfield FS vs Galesburg FS Galesburg- Field House

6:00pm Metamora vs Springfield Galesburg- Thiel Gym

Chatham-Glenwood FS vs Washington FS Galesburg- Field House

7:30pm Galesburg vs Washington Galesburg- Thiel Gym

Friday, November 25

11:00am Metamora vs Normal West Metamora- Toepke Gym

11:00am Washington vs Springfield SHG Metamora- Garber Gym

2:00pm Normal West vs Washington Metamora- Garber Gym

2:00pm Springfield SHG vs Metamora Metamora- Toepke Gym

Saturday, November 26

11:00am Galesburg vs Peoria Manual Galesburg- Fieldhouse

12:30pm Springfield vs Champaign Centennial Galesburg- Fieldhouse

4:00pm Peoria Manual vs Springfield Galesburg- Fieldhouse

5:30pm Champaign Centennial vs Galesburg Galesburg- Thiel Gym

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